If you don’t receive approval don’t give up. Speak to a professional in the industry and keep your dream alive.

Penny Holland had found her dream home and made an offer, which was accepted. Now all she had to do was get her loan approved and she would be on her way to settlement.

Penny approached a lender directly to gain approval for finance. Her application took three weeks to process but, in the end, was declined. Not wanting to give up, Penny went to her Abundance Finance Broker for help.

With the finance clause on the property expired, Penny was in danger of losing the property. Rather than requesting an extension for her finance, her  finance broker opted to lodge the application with a different financial institution that he was confident would approve it fairly quickly.

With a deep understanding of the financier’s polices, Penny’s finance broker was able to present everything that was needed with the initial application to get the loan across the line. He submitted the loan application for Penny at 10 am and, by 2 pm two days later, the loan was approved.

Penny was amazed at the result. She couldn’t believe that after going directly to a lender and waiting around for a decision for three weeks, all she had to do was sign the application the night before it was lodged and she was given approval two days later..

If it wasn’t for the finance broker assistance, Penny’s dream could have come crashing down. She was naturally over the moon with the result, and settlement on her new home is now underway.

Find an expert who can help you find the right lender and fast track your loan application. For further insight, talk to your Abundance Mortgage Solutions Finance Broker today.

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